Holistic Hound

Holistic Hound

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All natural holistic treatments for your dog Irish made.


Calmy & Balmy


A herbal and hydrosol based solution
that can safely be used in any situation
which causes stress for your pet.
Can be sprayed onto bedding,
around dog or even directly
administered by spraying into dog’s
mouth, feed or water.
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    Ingredients: A blend of Lavender Hydrosol with tinctures of Valerian, Passionflower, Hops and Oat seed.

    Application: Administer up to 3 times per day. Do not use prior to anaesthesia.
    Bright Eyes
    An ophthalmic herbal solution for 
    promoting healthy vision.
    The drops help to reduce irritation,
    ward off eye infections, ease pain and
    soothe eye dryness and discomfort.
    Can also be used to help eliminate tear staining.
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      Ingredients: A blend of chamomile, goldenseal, eyebright and saline hydrosols and tinctures
      Application: Mix 5 drops in 20ml of boiled water and allow to cool. Soak a clean cotton swab in the solution and gently wipe eyes from inner to outer corners.

      Dog Eared!

      Natural ear infection and cleansing drops.
      Help to clear up minor ear infections,
      and used regularly as maintenance
      will prevent recurring problems.

      [Does include herbs to prevent
      ear mite infection, but if ear mites
      are present we recommend vet treatment;
      similarly if symptoms persist longer
      than 3 days of treating with ear oil

      Ticked Off

      All natural flea and tick prevention and repellent

      Requires ongoing administration before and throughout tick and flea season.

      Works to establish an "unattractive" environment for these nasty little critters; and supports a healthy immune system.

      Ingredients: Garlic, echinacea, ACV, vegetable glycerin


      Dosage: 2ml per day per 10kg of dog weight

      One bottle will last a 10kg dog approx 3 months

      Worms Away

      A natural alternative to chemical worming. This herbal solution acts to kill and eliminate intestinal worms, roundworms, tapeworms, and other parasites, as well as supporting the stomach and aid in digestion, which improves the action of the formula. 30ml liquid drops RRP €14.95 
      • Details

        Ingredients: A blend of Garlic, Wormwood, Cinnamon and Black Walnut Leaf
        Application: Administer 3 consecutive days each month. Give 2 drops for every kg of body weight. Caution: Not for use in pregnant or nursing mothers, animals with kidney or liver disease, or those with seizure disorders